Jurassic rotating dinosaurs

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power supply:380V50Hz      


Rated load:15cabins*2riders=30riders      

   Size:Diameter 12.5m

Motor power:5*3=15Kw      


Running speed:1.88pm      

   Area:Diameter 12.5m(include fence)

Cockpit rotating motor power:3Kw      





Product Description

I developed the latest patented amusement products. Exquisite glass steel production process, the appearance of the atmosphere modeling, colorful lighting decoration, in 2016 Beijing amusement equipment exhibition by the majority of customers love. The equipment can be adjusted with the age of visitors different levels of operation speed, cockpit running fluctuation gap of 120 cm at the same time all the cockpit synchronous rotation can enable visitors to ride the equipment in the process of experiencing the feeling of free space.The equipment is amusement park and park And other amusement park investment options in the excellent amusement project.If you can ride it to feel his excitement, she created wealth for you at the same time for the majority of tourists brought joy!



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